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Hey guys,

After quitting triathlon, I am looking forward to doing some XCM races this season and would like to get a pair of lighter wheels for my Argon.

I currently ride a pair of Hope Pro II Evo hubs laced with DT Competition spokes and aluminum Pro-Lock nipples to Mavic TN719d rims. The setup is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to maintenance but not a lightweight option either.

As I am 88kg/194lb it is clear that, unless I win the lottery and buy a set of ENVE rims, I cannot go for the most lightweight components. However, I think it should be possible to shed about 300g without going for some flimsy option.

There is a lot of rain and sand around here, so the bearings either need to be tough or as easily serviceable as Hope's Pro II (at an affordable price as I hate spending on spare parts). If it were not for their weight, I would not even consider going for some other hubs...

I thought about the following:

DT 240S, DT Super Comp, DT ProLock Alu, DT XR 400 or XM401 or Notubes Arch EX

I do not like the lack of eyelets in the latter two though. Is there a lightweight (ca. 450g) yet slightly wider aluminum rim with eyelets?

As for the spokes, I could use Spaim CX Ray or DT Aerolite Spokes in order to save some more weight (ca. 40g if I am not mistaken) - this would mean that the rim would have to be stiffer though, I think.

Least I forget: I need IS hubs.

Thanks for your input,
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