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Okay, can someone tell me why there are riser bars in ranges from 12mm to 40mm? I am currently riding a bontrager handlebar that has a 40mm rise and I want to replace it. In general, I have been happy with the performance of it but a good wreck and father time has made it clear that it is time to put it somewhere where I won't hurt myself...

That leads back to my question- why is it there are so many different rises? If you were a regular Joe (or Jane) trailrider on a 5" travel bike but do like to have a position that is raceable, what rise are you riding? Many years ago, I rode a flat bar on my XC bike and it worked fine. Now I ride a 40mm riser on my trailbike and it works fine. Why would I want to buy a 25mm, 3/4 or 12mm rise bar? What is the difference?

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