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I just received my Fantom Trail. I am 5' 9.5" with an inseam of 31" and bought a bike that is an 18". I used this from ebay as a guide.

It says to get an 18" (medium) standover 29.5" because it fits most riders 5'8" to 5'11". I probably should of bought the smaller bike. That 29.5" seems to be measured from the bottom of the crossbar not the middle. I seem to have little clearance, if any.

Is there any way to adjust the fork to compress it a little to give me more clearance?


I don't own one, but lowering your fork won't do much for standover as it is more related to seat tube length and bottom bracket height. The rear shock sag adjustment won't help standover because the sag is eliminated when you unweight the saddle.

Sorry for your mishap, I'm looking to mailorder a bike because I have no LBS and move around so much that relationships don't help much. I do a ridiculous amount of homework to be sure I know what I'm getting, but I've had dozens of bikes and know what I like.

Send the bike back for a smaller size. I know it'll cost you the shipping, but I'd personally regret not doing the very same thing, I suspect you will feel the same way in the long run...

I wish I had an easy fix, but exchange it if you're serious about improving your ability and skills.

However, if you like the way it handles, keep it and just be careful to step off the bike on the high side of the hills, and watch out for stepping off in holes ;) OUCH! (every cyclist has done this before)

Rev2S: good call... Ride what you like, eat what you like, drink what you like. You are not a sheep!

Let me know when you're ready to upgrade to a new frame, and try to get a ride on some of the other different suspension designs when you meet folks out on the trail. Next time you'll know exactly what your getting, and getting exactly what you want!

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