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Are there any elite runners who run around Fremont Older?

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Was there biking the other day, and there was a girl who was running FAST... faster than me biking :eek:

Ended up getting in a race with her and she could keep up with me (and this included ups and downs)... well, I think that runners who come to Fremont Older aren't your typical hobby joggers, and especially not if they're this fast. I usually see more hikers anyway...

Any good runners who run around there? Anyone had any experiences with runners?
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I'm not an elite runner and only had a little bit of college experience, but I can keep up with the mountain bikers when I'm running. On the uphills, I'm definitely faster on foot than riding a bike...those extra 25lbs really slow me down!

During high school if we saw bikers on fire roads we would hunt them down and go for a "kill". On the single track, it was too easy.

But then again, this is against your run of the mill riders who ride for fun on weekends only,etc.
Did a little bit of research and found this:,_California#Notable_residents_.28or_former_residents.29

Melissa Grelli - Distance Runner, one of the top runners in the nation who placed 10th at the NCAA Women's Cross Country Championship at the Division I level in 2007 and 15th at the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships in 2003. She also finished second to Sally Kipyego in the 10,000 meters at the outdoor track NCAA Championships and took 12th in the USA Track and Field Championships.

Could this have been her? Seems like she is from Cupertino.
There are so many uber fast distance runners in Northern California it would be impossible to guess who you saw. There's a 50k distance trail race almost every weekend around the Bay Area over the summers and its peak training time for some of the years biggest races. The Dipsea was this weekend, the double dipsea is in a few and Western States is at the end of the month.

Long distance trail runners are savage. Seldom see that crowd *****ing about having mountain bikes on trails.
Well lets start by narrowing the search down, was she hot?
FO nekkid guy made others run and ride faster. maybe he's back.
2clueless said:
Well lets start by narrowing the search down, was she hot?
Why were there so many bikers at Fremont Older yesterday?
northern cal said:
Why were there so many bikers at Fremont Older yesterday?
because mountain biking is fun.
Roger Bannister became famous for his 4 minute mile.

No woman has ever broken the 4 minute mile barrier, yet.

This means that no woman on a track has ever sustained an average speed of 15 mph for 4 minutes.

So, this means that whatever you were riding and where ever it was that you were riding, you were unable to sustain an average speed of 15 mph on a bicycle for 4 minutes.

Unless she only beat you in a short burst for a very short distance.
Do runners have to obey the 15 MPH speed limit in local parks? I'd love to see someone get a ticket for running too fast down a hill. :D
Wow this thread was a while ago.

Update... I think she is a collegiate runner running for a D1 school...
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