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Are there any BLUR owners using BLUE GROOVES?

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If you are, can you tell me your experience with them? Please include the F/R tire size and if you ran them tubed or tubeless?

I am looking for a change from Conti Exp Supersonics 2.1. I wast thinking BG 2.35 would give me greater control of the Blur. Thanks.
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That 2.35 BG or Neve. with the New swingarm should NOT be a problem at all........
I have an early 2004 Blur model which I believe has the original design swingarm. When did the the new swingarm come out...?
Within the last 2-3 weeks.....
Thanks -- I read some posts weeks ago alluding to a new swingarm but never followed up on it. Are there any pictures showing it?
I took a few pic's with my Phone and they weren't real great quality wise.....

Some day I'll get my [email protected] to post em' off my nice camera :rolleyes: ;)
I'm running a BG and Nevegal

I have been running the 2.35 BG on the front for a few rides now. Some rides have been wet and some dry. Very rocky areas, some lava rock, lots-o-roots and standard forest singletrack.
The 2.35 is no lightweight and certainly felt slower than my Panaracer XC Pro I was running, but after a ride or 2 I got used to it. The handling and braking have greatly increased. The tire seems to hook up well in dry and wet soil. Due to lower profile (but it's no race tire) knobs, it will be a little sketchy over forest duff, such as pine needles. But not much more than yjr XC Pro.
Bottom line - I like it, a lot. It has a home on my steed. As for wear, it's doing ok for now, but I do not anticipate great wear. I have about 120 miles on it without serious signs of wear. I run it at about 30 psi and I weigh 195. No flats yet. For a front tire, I would love to see 700+, but I tend to doubt it for this tread. Perhaps I'l be wrong...
I like it soooo much, I ordered 2 Nevegal's (2.1) for the rear. I hear that they are the complement of choice for the BG on the front. I just got it today and mounted it. I'll hit the dirt this weekend and test it out. I can't wait!
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I'm currently running a 2.35" Nevegal on the front & 2.1" Kinetics on the rear. Both in Stick-E compound. They work well on wet roots & rocks. I have a 2.1" Nevegal on order to match the front.

So far I'm impressed with the Stick-E compound for winter riding in BC.
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