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Are my wheelset and tires HEAVY???

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i have absolutely no knowledge of wheelsets and tires. All i know is i want to lighten up my SJ. I am 6' 200lbs and ride AM in all conditions you can think of. Currently my bike has Mavic XM317 rims with Specialized Stout disc front hub / Shimano M-525 disc rear hub, and DT Swiss 1.8 spokes. I'm running Specialized Pro adrenaline 2.0 tires.
Are these wheelsets and tires heavy??? I dont see anything about them on weightweenies. Should I just replace parts of the wheelset/ tires or do i need to get all new sets?
If anyone can make some suggestions, it would be most appreciated
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not sure about the tires, but I believe the wheels are bit over 1900 g. My epic came with the same wheels and some specialized fast trax tires. I changed them over to a paor of custom wheels from Mike Garcia at and threw on my kenda karmas - lighened the bike up significantly. Of course I'm 145 lbs and do mostly xc racing so be careful going with lighter components for AM riding.
Not sure which SJ you got but if it came with the shimano HG-50 cassette change it out for an XT (the HG-50 is a weight, changing to an xt will save you around 100 g).
Not heavy. Not light. A good setup for what you are doing.

Go ride.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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