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Are Cannondale parts interchangeable from F8 to other frames?

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I have a Cannondale F8 and want a full suspension bike, i dont have 2-3,000 to spend on a good full suspension but noticed i can get frames off ebay and other sites for around 1000 or less. Does anyone know if there will be a problem switching all the components of an F8 to either a Rize, Rush, Scalpel, or Jekyll frame. And if possible even a different company such as Gary fisher, GT, or any other expensive full suspension bike frames

I was looking in particular at the Rush series but noticed they all have the lefty suspension would it be a problem to transfer everything over, The only problem i think id run into is the crank, and the disc breaks cause those look like the only things that are noticeably different
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Well, for around that price, you can easily get a few of those bikes on eBay or Craigslist. And with much better parts than what are on your F8. I just saw an '09 Rize 5 on eBay end at $1,225.
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