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Question for y'all,

I recently picked up a new frame with a slightly longer headtube, and therefor slightly higher front end then I'm used to. I have a barely used Titec Little Al stem that seems to be the right length, but in the "regular" upright position throws me a good deal higher then I'm used to (I believe the Little Al's are 10 degree rise). So I wanted to flip it, but the clamp area on the Al is angled back (in upright mode), leaving most of your weight resting on the stem. If I flip it, my weight will be resting more on the faceplate and those little bolts that hold it to the stem.

So the question being, am I being paranoid in not wanting to run the stem upside down, or are my concerns warrented? I'm a clyde, so my standards for stem strength/safety are pretty high. For what it's worth, I'm just testing the stem/new position to see if I like it enough to order a Thomson.

Let me know what you think.

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