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Ardent 2.4" or Racing Ralph 2.4" bigger volume? (for use on packed snow)

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I'm looking for a tire to run on packed snow in the winter. Looks like the Ardent tread might be a bit more aggressive, is that the case? This could be beneficial when there's a bit of fresh snow on top of packed. Which has more volume? Is there an even bigger tire out there?

I've got set of skinny Mud X's to dig down to the packed when there's a few inches of fresh or more.

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No idea how the Ardent runs but I've had great success with the 2.4 Ralph on hardpacked snow/alpine ski runs. Even up to 2-3" of light snow is no issue.

I run them on Stan Flows and usually drop the pressure down to 10 psi to get extra float. The Flow rims do a great job holding the tire's bead at the lower pressures.

I wait for the ski runs to close and am able to hammer up green/blue ski runs and have the mountain to myself for a few hours. :thumbsup:
I ran the 2.4" Ardents tubeless on Velocity P-35's on packed snowmobile trails with great success. Lots of float and grip. Nothing like an Endomorph or Larry on a snow bike, mind you, but I was tooling right along and having fun last winter when I would otherwise have been stuck on city streets.


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Phuck that, I don't care what it is that I ride next winter but it will be studded. I will start the search with most studs per size and go from there.
I ran a set of studded tires last winter, and wasn't impressed for trail riding. Maybe because they were too narrow. I'd be willing to try some that are high volume...any suggestions?

Worked great for commuting, where ice is a daily ocurrance.
I use a set of Stouts and they do very well. I also have a set of Michelin XC ATs that do very well also. The RR casing is the larger of the two but how would softer rubber fair in hardpack snow? Not sure the compound of the RR.
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