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What : Arctic Bicycle Club Annual Bike Swap
When : Saturday April 16th 10am - 2pm (this Saturday)
Where : Parking Lot of Pat's Bikes / Kaladi Brothers on Brayton Drive in Anchorage
(North Bound Frontage Road along Seward Hwy) ***MAP***
Cost: No Cost to Sell or Buy, just come and buy and sell bikes, parts, and gear.

Great place to get rid of some extra cycling stuff or pick up something you may have been looking for. The local bike shops also typically show up and sell some things too.

I am told that the parking lot will be closed off and there will be a tent and tables for people to sell stuff, though if you are selling a lot it might not hurt to bring your own. The event will take place rain or shine. Though the forecast says it should be a nice and sunny day.

Also a great time to support your local bike club by signing up or renewing your Arctic Bicycle Club Membership.

Questions? Just reply to the message.
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