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WTB and Freedom Merge to Form Wilderness Trail & Freedom

MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA - April 1, 2014 - Long standing mountain bike brand Wilderness Trail Bikes, known throughout the industry as WTB, announced today that it will be merging with its urban counterpart, Freedom. Effective immediately, the two separate brands will form one, Wilderness Trail & Freedom, rebranded as WTF.

"We've asked for WTF for quite some time now," elaborated Justin Kirkwood, WTF's creative director. "The ThickSlick tire's overwhelming success is irrefutable. Now under one roof, WTF will offer a staggering portfolio. From 16 versions of the WTF ThickSlick to 11 different WTF Vigilantes spanning 26, 27.5, and 29", WTF has augmented its reach. The future is bright for WTF."

All existing WTB and Freedom products will immediately transition to WTF products. Tires will clearly display WTF lettering on sidewalls and saddles will also broadcast the new WTF acronym. The wolf head logo will stay while the lettering will change to appropriately display the new brand, WTF.

About WTF
Founded in 1982, WTF was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to design better bicycle products. Through durable, affordable, and effective bicycle products as well as countless hours spent advocating on cycling's behalf, WTF continues to promote bicycle usage as the way of the future.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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