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Anyone with high mileage pikes?

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I've been running non-boost pikes for years now across frames (upgraded with a charger 2.1 damper and debonair spring so they're basically budget pike ultimates). Recently I swapped the old chassis for a very lightly used one because the bushings had developed noticeable play (especially on the brake side) and rockshox don't sell replacement bushings. They'd been well looked after but had many thousands of miles so I wasnt too surprised.

The new chassis has been on my hardtail around two months now and has also developed play in the same fashion (wasnt any when newly installed). When I got them I did a full service, cleaned the lowers, put the recommended 10ml 0w30 in each leg and I've done another since then, so it suggests its just my riding that's caused it. This is my only bike so they do everything (and I ride them hard); gravel/xc rides, enduro trails, bike parks and skate parks. I'm slightly skeptical of this though as plenty of people abuse pikes and they can't all develop play within a couple months right? The first set were run at 160 or 140 travel, and the current set have been used only at 140 (both with a 203 rotor).

Has anyone here got a set of old / new pikes? How much riding have you done and have they developed play?

FWIW I had a go on my friends new (3 months old, limited riding) cube stereo and his factory 36s also had noticeable play... starting to think it's just how mtb forks work lol
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I’ve been running a 2016 Pike at 160mm for over 4000 off road miles. I’ve switched and rebuilt dampers a few times. Always kept up on service using either Mobil 1 or Fox 20wt Gold in the lowers depending on the season. No noticeable play in the bushings.
My 2015 developed a bit of play after half a year or so and stayed the same way until I sold it a few years later. I find that all my long travel forks will loosen up in the bushings a bit more than I'd like along with getting the ubiquitous creaking crown after a while.
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