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Anyone willing to press my headset bearings?

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Im in Scottsdale, Id go to a shop, but Im not on good terms with any north scottsdale shops, having worked at both Showcase and Landis, Not to familiar with other shops, might hit up Bicycle Ranch if I dont get lucky on here. Building up a new Felt Hardtail, and my "homemade" headset press has failed for this zero stack on Felt's integrated headtubes. I dont know if Im right on this, but Ive read the sealed bearings are meant to be pulled into the headtube with force on the inside diameter of the bearing. This is a Ritchey Zero Logic, Ive used the Orbit IS on my road frames, and now Im regretting not just buying another Orbit. I need the zero stack b/c the headtubes on the Felt are rediculously large, plus its an XL frame... im using my fox float from another bike thats cut at 8" so the zero is the only way to give me enough steerer length.

If anyone in the Scottsdale area, or within 10-15 minute drive has the Park HHP or similar press, I will def throw you some cash. Im near shea/101... ride for procon and go to asu, just in case their are any procon riders here I dont know are on here or students, and looking to help out a poor college kid (part time job supports components, not food)

Thanks, Tyler
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DNA Cycles - Scottsdale Road and Mayo Blvd.

Go to DNA - Bob and co. will dial you in. Buy some tubes or somethin - they will always try to squeeze stuff in when they are able!

They are just behind Gordon Beirsch on the south side of the road.

Good Luck
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