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A while back I worked with Craig at Avalanche DH Racing on setting up a custom shock for my 06 Enduro SX. After lots of careful measuring and geometry specs, we came up with this bad boy...

Custom built Chubie just for a Specialized Enduro SX. I'm sure it'll work just peachy on any other Enduro, but I've never checked those specs. With a 66 RC2X fork, and a 2.3/2.5 tire setup it yeilds a 14.25" BB height, and a 67* headangle, and 6" of bottomless travel. After I rode this for a week, I sold my dialed Demo 8. What was the point of having it, this was 10 pounds lighter and sprinted. Keep in mind though, that while it does actually pedal quite well, it was not ever intended for that. It's a DH shock. I also splurged for the hi/low adjuster, so you can turn stutters into pavement and still suck up any flat-edged hits. Blows any silly DHX out of the game. I'm having another Avy set up for my next rig right now, selling this one will help pay for it. This one cost me $700 to my door. Not a "spare" by any means. Anyway, it's for sale, it's 3 months and a dozen rides old. Hasn't seen a lot of abuse as winter hit RIGHT when I got it set up. :(
PM me if you're interested and I'll give you a damn good deal on it.
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