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Anyone waiting for a 2006 Fly?

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Went for my usual Sunday ride to bump into a rider with a BRAND NEW 2006 Fly, red. Under warranty. Makes me wonder when my prepaid order will be filled. I am curious how many out there are waiting as well. I saw first hand that they are being shipped, so to all are waiting I would be pressing the shop and Foes to find out where and why they are taking so long. There is no excuse now.

Makes me want my own that much more. I do not for one minute lament my choice, only the wait.
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Right here 06 Fly in white, 1 month and counting. Seems they are a little slow in getting the rear shocks built for all those orders.
Good quote from "The Good, Bad and The Ugly". One of my favourite films, actually.

Found out today the frame has arrived and will be on its way, but until I have it, in UNBLEMISHED condition, I will be happy.
So how long did you wait?
5.5 months. AND prepaid in full. I understand quality takes time, but c'mon. Hire another expert welder; whatever. I cannot fathom how many pissed off Foes lovers there are out there simply on wait times. I wonder if they will ever come back. Depends on the bike I guess.
I feel and felt your pain. I have seen a lot of the 06 Flys out on the trails and even a few in the Whistler bike shops. Good luck. Post pics when its done.
Shop received it on Monday, so with any luck it will be ready by next weekend. I am amazed that they have bumped up the minimum recommended air pressures. I am sure this was done as a safeguard, but I am probably going to stick with what I know works for me; 50 psi and one turn preload.

I will get pre and post builds for you. A new frame is also a good exuse for new wheels. Essentially, with only a few carry overs, the bike will be new. I found a brand new 04 Monster T to replace my 03 for next to nothing. You will see
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