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Curious if anyone is using Strava? Francois has joined a MTBR Club to the KOM competition and we have moved into 3rd place but need some help to get to first. I figure with the better weather in your area right now you guys should be racking up a lot more climbing then we are in Norcal.

Here is a link to the thread in Norcal Forum

As for those who do not know what Strava is....well it is a GPS tracking service that compares riders in your area. For example on a certain route I do there are 3 or 4 segments that are either Downhills or climbs that you can compete for King of the Mountain. It also tracks the top times and your top times as well as what bike you used. Lots of other cool features as well.

You can use the service for free but are limited to only 5 uploads a month or can pay and have unlimited uploads. If you have time load up a ride and check it is pretty cool. I have a friend who had a bunch of 3 months free codes as well and might be able to get some more if people are interested. Just send me a PM and I will see if I can get some more.

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