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I have these.

Picard said:
Has anyone bought the crashpad armor shorts ? This is the URL

I wonder if it is as good as the manufacturer claimed .
Hey, sorry I'm late, just saw your post. :)

I have these. They're pretty comfortable and have a minimal chamois (which is nice). They are designed for a side impact and will protect your hips and outer leg area well. An expensive investment, but they will last a long time.
They do not cover any quad area, so if you superman and land on your quads... you're out of luck.
The foam is thicker than the Bomber shorts (66l) padding, but the Bomber shorts's padding covers more area. These are more comfortable than the Bomber shorts IMO.

Another short that is lycra with padding is the "pant liner"
This is a lycra short with removable thin foam pads for the hips. There is a sewn-in pad that covers the tailbone area (not removable, fairly small).Chamois is very minimal. For "roadie shorts" with a bit of hip protection, these are the best. And about half the price of the Crashpads.

I wear both under Az0nic Freeride shorts: Crashpads if the terrain is really technical rocky, 66l if it's just DH.

Hope this helps.
-sunny :cool:
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