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So I live in FL and posted up one of my bikes for sale. I got a response form a guy in MA. Of course I was sceptical of a scam, however he didnt type like those nigerian scams(dear sir or mam). He offered to pay through paypal. When I asked on how the hell he found me when hes in MA he told me about this site. He also gave me his ebay handle to show his feedback. So now im leaning on maybe its legit. Has anyone else had an offer like this with the same setup? I want to sell my bike but I dont need the headaches of a scam.

p.s. Thanks for any help guys
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Hmmm, new to me ? Get his cell/home phone and talk to him, should make it clear if its legit or not ?
I use it all the time. Sometimes you get people on craigslist that don't want to deal with shipping an item but that's the only trouble I've had.
ok hmm hes actually selling a bike on ebay right now so it seems legit and also his phone number is from MA. Thanks for the input guys.
I've used ST a bunch but mainly to check throughout my region all in one search. I'd still be very careful doing business over Craig's if it isn't in person. Your guy sounds legit and all but I don't think you have any protection like you do with Ebay.
Another good site for the same type of craigslist searching is It's a Craigslist search statewide tool. Works pretty good. Includes eBay if you are interested in that also. Tools like this help sell things for sure. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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