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Anyone travelled w/ Southwest w/ a bike?

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would like to bring a full suspension frame from LA to Sacramento. Worst comes to worst I could take it all apart and put it in a small box, but how's southwest for bikes as check in luggage.
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i recently flew LA to Sac, and they charged me 40 bucks, as soon as they find out its a bike (regardless if its in the size regulations) i think the size to go for is a combined 64 inches (lenght + width + hight) wait i may be wrong on that, just call them at 1 800 i fly swa.

ive flown twice they same route and didnt get charged anything, but i just used a bike box, cut it up to hell, so certain portions were bigger than the rest. one way to get away with it is to just go ot skycab, tip them like 10-20 bucks and see if the take it. then your cool

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