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Anyone taken their outcast 29er SS on heavy XC type stuff?

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Anyone taken their Outcast 29er on heavy XC stuff with rocks, downhills, etc?

Reading reports of 29er wheels failing, Id like to know what people have experienced with the (cheap) wheels on the Outcast and overall how the bike has held up under hard riding.
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Hell yes I ride the same trails with my Outcast as I do my Dos NIner same drops and all, And I am 6'5" 265 and never had a wheel out of true or any other problems other than a snapped chain. I love that bike my wrists shoulders not so much but I think I am going to spring the front end this year I may have the front relaced with a disc hub. I live in the rooty and rocky northeast in case you were wondering.
Hell, I rode hard terrain on my Outcast all year long last year, including four races, two of which were six hours races. I rode the last mile of one race on a rear flat, just slamming rocks and roots and it didn't so much as put a nick in the rim! The hubs are cheap, but the wheels are really solid.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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