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anyone sell a bike to pay bills this year?

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i know times are tough for some people. in the last couple years i've amassed a pretty nice quiver of bikes, but this morning i found myself contemplating it. "i haven't ridden that bike in a month.......i could use the money. hmmmm?"
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Sold 3 bikes this year to pay for 3 new bikes. Does that count?
i have not sold a bike this year to pay bills, 2 years ago my wife and i sold our bmx bikes to pay some bills.

this year i've sold other stuff to pay bills
surfboards, bodyboards, rock climbing gear, scuba gear, and some other stuff i feel a "passion" towards.
ha. i did that too- part of the reason i haven't ridden a couple of the others.

current stable:
07 Turner flux
07 Turner RFX
Pereira custom Single Speed
Pegoretti Marcelo
Lemond Zurich- converted to a touring/commuter bike with xt rear drive train and cross fork

i don't really have any redundancy in the stable, but i haven't been on the RFX more than a couple times in the last couple months.
Thought about it, but decided to sell a car instead.
Yeah I sold two of them after getting laid off in March. Luckily I found a job before I had to sell all of them.

forkboy said:
Thought about it, but decided to sell a car instead.
:D i'm selling my car and using some of the money to fix up my bike.
i don't have a job so i don't need a car, if i need to go somewhere i have a bike

it's been about 15 years since i rode a bike everywhere i went, it feels strange doing it again. normally just jump in the car and drive 10 miles to where i need to go. now i gotta think it's gonna take about 2-3 hours round trip and my legs hurt already cause i'm out of shape.
good way to get back in shape though, saving the $50 a month insurance and $140 a year registration is cool though.

going for a 15 mile ride in about an hour. gotta bring back a christmas present
Not quite. Sold some watches to pay for a new bike though :)
I have come across some unexpected expenses (she swore she was not a hooker) so I have to sell my V-tach frame. I am still putting off disassembly right now - it will be a sad day.
Sadly yes....I had to part out a mtn bike to pay for school, but only because I built a new carbon hardtail:thumbsup:
No... I'm working on my second million.

I gave up on the first. NYUCK NYUCK NYUCK NYUCK NYUCK !!
Nah, just selling bikes to pay for a portion of other bikes. If I really needed money, I'd probably take on a boarder or get a second job.
Sadly, I've sold multiple bikes to pay the bills, more to go before I'm done.

Come on... economy. *shakes and rolls*

Tried but didn't get any bites. :(
Nope, thank Buddha! I have in the past though. Those were sad sad times. Sad.
Yes, although not this year...I used to have a bunch of bikes of all flavors (road, cross, freeride, ss, XC, all mtn). Now down to my two "keepers". At this point pretty much sold off everything else I could.
I traded a bike for a PC because I needed it for school. Ended up buying my Cannondale a few months later. Craigslist can be addicting.
Yep. Sold 3 or 4 of them, partially because of bills and partially to simplify life. A couple were bought to flip for profit, anyway.
Back in January I made my last car payment & my last child support payment. :thumbsup: To celebrate my new found wealth I built a Yeti 575 from the ground up.

First week of February I got laid off :madman: Never saw it coming.

I ended up selling my other bike to help make the billz until the unemployment checks started coming in. Then rode that Yeti until they stopped. :D
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