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Anyone run a MARZ Z1 on a Moment?

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I have been ridding on a Fox RLC 130 for about a month and really want to get a capable 150MM fork...

I do some light FR and alot of XC so I do not think I need a 36 or a 66.. any suggestions

I am almost ready to stick with the RLC, but I would like the travel to be ballanced and have read posts on here saying the bike rides better with the 150..

So can anyone help me out??

thanks C

What about a Pike 426...
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There's lots of us on AM1s. The Z1 will require a 20mm thru axle but both forks are generally the same.

I currently have mine set at about 135mm of travel. I have yet to bump it up to 150. I just seemed so tall to me initially. But many others are running Pikes and 36s and love them. 6x6 is the way to go with an ability to change on the fly if you like.
I did - well sort of anyway. I started on a Fox Vanilla then switched to the "frankenfork", a AM1 chassis with Z1 20mm axle lowers. It was night and day different. IMHO the Moment rode better at 140-145mm of travel on the ZAM1.
The Path just this past weekend swapped out a Fox Float for a Zoke Z1 (150mm) on their large demo Moment.

Karl said with a smile that the difference was night and day. The bike now felt downhill bike plush and still climbed well. A big improvement at the cost of more weight.

Hope that helps,

Started out my Moment with 5" fork and then went to a 6" AM1. There is a noticeable performance gain. Yes, the bike does feel taller but not unbalanced. I'm pretty sure you'll like it. The AM1 is right at 5 pounds.

Most 6" forks will have travel adjustment to shrink it down so there's always an out for you if 6" makes you feel funny...but I doubt it. I don't even bother using the ETA on the AM1 to drop travel on the fly for better climbing angle.

With 6" I think there's a bit more play in the fork dropouts ( I hear disc rub for a second when I drop the wheel from a manual ). I think I'll replace the wimpy stock Crossmax skewers with something stronger.
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