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Anyone riding a S.C. Blur LT or Nomad in VA?

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I am looking to replace my Kona Dawg with a new bike and am leaning towards a Blur LT or Nomad. Anyone in the Northern VA area riding a Santa Cruz bike? Road both at Outerbike and loved them but just wanted to make sure they aren't overkill for the area. I do ride in other areas/states on vacations and usually take the bike with me so an all mountain should fit the bill I believe.

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Can't speak for Northern Virginia, but my BLT is great in western Virginia. It's fast, handles great, soaks up all the rocks I want to give it, and climbs pretty good too. When I bought it I was afraid it was too much bike for my ability, but I am glad I went on and purchased it. None of the other bikes I tried out felt as good for me.
I have an LT and a Superlight. For me the LT feels like a little overkill for most of the trails nearby. As for vacations, it was great when I lived in Tahoe and treated me quite well on trips to California, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. These days though, I usually only ride the LT at the Shed, Gambrill or Elizabeth Furnace. That being said, as a "one bike quiver" you can't go wrong with it. If I didn't have the SL for Wakefield, Fountainhead etc, I'd have no problem riding the LT every day knowing how fun it is to be on. In fact the only reason I don't ride it more is I have an older version and if you were to sneeze on the pivots, they squeek. So the mud and water are a PITA and I try to keep it as dry as possible. The new versions don't have the same problem, thankfully.
For me, living in NOVA, I think the Nomad is too much bike if you spend the majority or your time locally. Before I moved here, the Nomad was definitely on my short list of replacements. Down the road, I can see it being a 2nd or 3rd bike. It will come down to preferred ridding style and location.
I'm not interested in a 29er v 26er debate as they both have advantages and disadvantage but have you considered the Tallboy? It's a great all around bike and 29ers work well in the local terrain.
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Thanks for the info CraigCreekRider. Definitely helpful. Not the cheapest bikes around but they are very well built.
Excellent info Jonesjus. I am really wanting a bike with the VPP suspension so the Superlight is out but it is a sweet bike. I road a Tallboy at Outerbike (twice) and just couldn't fall in love with it. Was thinking about getting a 29er down the road in say a year or two as a second bike. Being from Fredericksburg, Fountainhead is as far north as I have gotten. Wanting to ride Elizabeth Furnace this summer but have never heard of the Shed or Gambrill. As they are in MD that would be a good reason why. The reviews make the 2+ hour drive tempting.
I don't have either, but do have a similar 5.5" travel VPP bike (check my profile for specifics). I would recommend the LT. Current trailbikes in this catagory can do everything from efficiently riding tame flat singletrack to bombing rock infested downhills. Allthough I don't ride in NOVA, I do ride a wide range of trails on my 5.5" trailbike. From smooth rolling trails around Richmond to gnarly rocky rooty hilly trails in the GWNF/Massanutten/Carvin's Cove/Pisgah. It is the one bike that can do a lot very well.

I think the Nomad is overkill unless you are really focusing on downhill trail rides, or doing lift assisted downhill runs like at Snowshoe or Diablo.
Thanks for the info. Going to go with the LT, either Alum. or Carbon. Now just need to decide on components and then find one. Local stores in DC and Richmond don't have any but claim a 5 day delivery. Hmmm.
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