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Anyone ride with their dog?

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Hey, I'm just curious if anyone out there takes their dog with them on their rides. I'm getting my own place soon and will be getting a dog. I would love if I could take him with me but I'm not sure what to look for and how hard it would be to train a dog to follow along.
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My dog comes with me all the time. He's always just followed us when we're out and about. We can go camping, hiking, MTB, all without a leash. The one thing I do is tie a bell on his collar,that way on the off chance that he wanders off I can hear where he's gone
Did it take a lot of training to get to that point or is it more in his personality?
Um, NO, it is strictly forbiden to take mans best friend along with you on the trail, but there are a few rebels who do it anyhow.
Myself, my Brother and our best friend all take our dogs with us riding on a regular basis. 3 riders and 4 dogs, never had any issues at all. Didn't take any extra training to get them to run along with us at all. Just remember to stop at lots of water holes for them to get a drink.
I love to see dogs running with their bikers. But whether you ride (or hike) with your dog off leash, you should have a fail safe "COME" command. As a biker, hiker and dog owner, I've seen too many instances of uncontrolled dogs being at best a nuisance, or worst, a danger, to other trail users. Why? Because their owners let them out of their sight and/or they can't call the dog back. So please, make sure you can control your pooch. Then the two of you can ride and run safely and responsibly.
LyNx said:
Um, NO, it is strictly forbiden to take mans best friend along with you on the trail, but there are a few rebels who do it anyhow.
???? maybe where you live... Everywhere has different rules and laws.
No, most of the trails I ride don't allow dogs to be off leash; however, there are plenty of walkers who take their dogs on the trails off leash and have zero control over them. I've been forced to stop MANY times due to an uncontrolled dog and have come very close to hitting a few. I'm sure many of you have had the same experiences including being chased, which is almost fun in some wierd adrenaline sort of way.

Training the dog won't be a problem - hopefully. I worked at a petstore for almost five years and dealt with dogs and other animals on a daily basis. I've trained every dog I have owned and also for friends of the family and neighbors.

I came across the breed recomendation thread but have been unable to find any others. The other link wouldn't load. So it sounds like it will all depend on the dog, whether of not he enjoys the exercise and as long as he listens to you?

I plan to adopt so I will have the opportunity to find a more active dog and maybe even take him for a run and see if he stays with me. Atleast I think they allow that. We've never adopted a dog before, have always gone to breeders.
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I've got two strays that I took in. Poor pups were almost dead from starvation. They've turned out to be great dogs, but it's a no go on being loose. They listen really well, but the first sight of a deer or rabbit.....poof. All I hear is yip, yip, yip fading out in the distance.

It's a shame, cause they could run all day.
I ride with mine all the time. No problems at all, comes when he's called and stays pretty much in sight. Non-hunting breeds may be easier as they don't have the 'chase' instinct as much.
I run with mine on a flex leash attached to my Camelback belt , We have logged in hundreds of miles without incident.
I keep him on a leash for the sake of other riders, No need to frighten people who don't know that not all pits are bad.

The only problem we have had is with another rider with a pit off leash that decided to attack my dog... My dog just held him until the dogs owner could get his dog under control.

He apologized to me in the parking area and asked how to leash train for the trail.

It turned out my dog is not the only thing his dog went after that day, His dog went after a horse also... Dogs are no longer allowed on the trails because of the irresponsible dog owner.

It is easy the run with a leash until you get to a steep fast drop, I then unclip him to get past the fast areas then clip him back up, He just loves to be with me out on the trails and doesn't mind being on a leash at all. Sure beats being stuck at home while we are away.
I ride with mine 97% of the time. 100% of that is off leash. Never, ever a problem. Not for me or anybody else. The key is a well trained dog that will listen to and obey you. I've been riding with my dogs for almost 20 yrs. and honestly, I find it hard to imagine not riding with one. Rescued dogs are awesome, good idea.
It will take about a year to get the lad trained to come on command and "ignore" or to not chase other prey (riders). Run with him at first and get comfortable with your commands. Then take him to the trails with an easy ride; also at a time when no one else is on the trail.
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