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I rode Snowbasin for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We did about an 18 mile loop up one side of the loop and down the other. There are numerous different routes to take though making an endless combination of trails. I would suggest going to their website and downloading the map. All of the trails are marked with trail markers but as stated above there are numerous routes.

maybe I"ll see you there in the morning, but NOT on the lift.

have fun,

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It's gooood

mtnbiker62 said:
I was thinking about heading up to Snowbasin tomorrow to give their trails a try. Anyone have a trail report?
I've ridden there a couple of times and I love the way they cut the trails (mostly). The great thing is that you don't really need the lift because the trails just aren't that steep. You can ride to the top and earn the ride down, and you can save the lift ticket money for something you really need--drinks at Earl's lodge afterward!!!

The only thing I didn't like is that on the way down, some of the trails intrsect with the service roads, and coming down the service road is nasty because it's dusty and rocky etc., and you end up not being able to find your way back onto the singletrack! It's just plain stupid to cut these awesome trails and then make them so hard to find that people end up riding the crappy service road down. There is some good signage in places, but maybe some ********s are stealing the signs because other places it's just not there when you need it. My advice--get a map and study it before you head down.

SB is a really cool place though. For skiing and MB. The lodges are awesome and the lifts are great and the mountain is incredible. I hope they open John Paul for biking next year because it seems a shame to be riding in a gondola on a beautiful summer day. HAVE FUN

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Snowbasin: Ride Report

My son and I decided to make the pilgrimage from Tremonton to Snowbasin on Saturday to give the lift-serviced trails a try. I used to ski up there years ago, before the big money took over, and always thought the area would make for some great mountain biking. I have ridden the Maples trail and enjoyed it, so we hoped that the trails on the resort would be good as well.

Being older, and in somewhat rounded shape, my son and I (!) decided to spring the $12 each for the lift tickets, and spend the day cruising downhill. We were both on hardtails, so I was praying that the trails would be smooth. We got up to the resort a little after 10, and were just in time for the first runs of the day. The trails were buff and tacky, after some rain the night before. As we were traveling up in the gondola for our first run, I commented to my son that the gondolas didn't have much ventilation, and probably got hot in the afternoon...I didn't know how prophetic that statement was.

Long story short...the trails were amazing. They are routed so that they are challenging, but not over-the-top difficult. And they are long!! Our first run was a loop around the entire resort...the Needles loop...and it took us well over an hour to get back to the bottom. We were the first riders of the day to go on parts of that loop, and got soaked with dew to prove it! As the day went on, the trails got dry, the air got hot as hell, and we got tired. But all in all, it was a great day.

  • Great trails.
  • Closer (for me) and cheaper than Deer Valley trails.
  • Fantastic facilities and staff.
  • $20.00 for 2 cheeseburgers and 2 Cokes at the lodge...ridiculous...I'll bring my own food from now on.
  • Skidiots...most of the corners on the trails are already blown out beyond belief. Porky's and the lower part of the Needles are especially bad. At this rate, the trails will be destroyed soon. Somehow, people need to be educated how to ride. The trails aren't that steep, and skidding was never necessary.
  • Gondolas have no, hot, hot!

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I rode SB for the first time about a week ago. Definitely a great value for lift service ($12) compared to Deer Valley. The mountain has a ton of potential...the trails are amazingly long. The SB staff needs to build up the burms around the switchbacks to prevent them from being so loose. I'd also like to see some more technical trails for advanced riders. (The practice loop at the bottom is more technical than the trails themselves). Overall, a great start for their first year. I'll probably be back when my inlaws from the midwest come out to try mtn biking. :)
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