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Anyone recognise this frame?

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I have in my possession a supposed Kona frame, after sizing the frame I've come to the conclusion its almost definitely a fake (it was 20 quid so doesn't matter.)

Heres some pictures.

Any information would be very helpful

BB - Top = 17"
BB - Top Tube = 14"
Head Tube = 9cm
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Might be- but it is most likely made in the same factory. I don't understand why someone would try to fake a Kona, as they are not recognized as quality bikes. Very strange.

Don't worry though, I would just peel off the dorky stickers and ride it, the build/ride quality won't be any different than the real thing.
thats some poster sized pictures you have there
Wow, you need smaller pics, lol
I saved the pics and resized em,

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They were fairly big, sorry. Forgot to resize.

Anyone have any info?
Serial number ? I think there are numbers in there that give you the year it was made, maybe iunfo about what bike it is.
Serial Number (From what I can make out due to poor respray): (I)SF2091(1) () - I think....
Please refresh my memory. What is a quid?

Sorry, a quid is a GB pound.
Same as a squid - the colloquial currency of Blighty.

The OP said he had paid a score for the frame, which, I think, is not too shabby. It will build up into a nice bike. Yellow, but nice.

dirt farmer said:
Please refresh my memory. What is a quid?

Could be a Chute. Or a Lava Dome.
After speaking to a resident Kona expert he recon's its very likely a fake due to the sizing.

Apparently size 16 Kona's have a 9cm head tube and size 17 Kona's have an 11cm head tube or so.

The size is 17" with a 9cm head tube, so agains't Kona's general build.

But it does look fairly similar to this: - 2003 Kona Lava Dome

Maybe it could be a smaller version?
Although, my frame is made of Aluminium.

To be honest, either way I'm happy but it would be nice if I knew what frame I had that way I could plan some decals and make it look that little bit more authentic.

Thanks so much for the help so far
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It IS a kona, I only needed to see the gusset on the downtube to recognise it. Same as the last Kula I had. As to sizing of the frames, they change every few years, and the headtube lengths are NOT fixed by model size across the whole model range.
Well, thats a fairly confident answer from you Dee.

Got any clue what Kona it could be?
Resize your images in the original post, moron.
f3rg said:
Resize your images in the original post, moron.
+1 without the name calling.
Images Resized.

I just wish people were just a tad more polite....
Well I did say "without the name calling..."
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