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Anyone read the RJ today?

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P. 2B (Nevada section): "Public input sought on Red Rock trails plan"

Federal land planners are welcoming comment about building recreational trails in the area known as the Twilight Zone.
Is this the Twilight Zone on the way up Kyle Canyon? I can't think of another. The blurb states the area is in the northern part of the RRCNCA.
No mention is made of how open minds may be, but it is noted that the area is currently non-motorized and multi-use.
The open sessions are Monday between 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. @ the BLM office, 4701 N. Torrey Pines. Another session is said to be in the works for August.
Do I smell another BBQ? Lonchería? 5-finger smash and dash lot? If it's the Twilight Zone I'm thinking of, the dynamics are oddly similar to Late Nite; equestrian and Mtb users with a steady stream of "picinickers" passing by our empty cars.
On the other hand, it would be awesome to have that area stablized as a mtb destination and develop more trails.
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I'm a fan as of now.

I was just telling Norris on our last ride there. "Just think, in 10 years from now it will be like an open trail highway and we'll look back going, man this was some nice back country riding."
I'd say I'm for it as well. The more places to ride the more area riders have to spread out, lessening the impact on all of the riding areas. Although, it is nice to have lesser known areas to ride. I think a large part of the reason Blue Diamond and Cottonwood get so blown out is the sheer volume of traffic that the area gets.

It seems to me that there has been some improvement at the Latenight/ BBQ lot lately. The last couple of times I've been out there I've seen the law enforcement ranger cruising the parking lot making sure everything is cool. That makes me feel better about the area knowing that there is a periodic patrol going on out there to keep the rif-raf to a minimum.
Did anyone go?

Did anyone here go to the meeting Monday? I had other commitments and couldn't make either one. Curious as to how productive it might have been and ratio of mtn bikers to other user groups.
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