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I ask because when something like a rear shock blows out or a freehub body fails or some other type of 'I gotta wait for the new part' problem happens, I don't like sitting around waiting for UPS to stop by with a part. I've pretty much always had two bikes.

But I've been thinking it such a waste of money to have two - so how do you keep only one bike and not have down time when stuff breaks, falls off, or fails and it's not something you can get right away?

The main reason is that I have the Heckler and the Enduro - they are both good, fun bikes and very different from each other for how they ride. But I really want to try a Nomad mkII... and I don't think I can afford one unless I sell both... but downtime is not good and I'd rather keep old bikes unless there is a good solution to broken stuff.

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Get the Nomad, and also keep enough parts at home to build a full bike minus the frame and the wheels.

If you want a do it all bike, you should do this anyways. Get your bike as a XC oriented setup. Then over the next few months, gather all the parts that can convert the bike to a DH bike. This way, when one set up breaks, you have parts from the other set up.

Basically I did this the other way. I have a BLT2. I also have a Cannondale hardtail. The cannondale is converted into a single speed, leaving me with enough parts that if the BLT2 breaks, I can always take the parts from the cannondale. One thing though, I have too much parts these days. 4 stems and handlebar set up for example. But that just mean that on a XC ride, I can swap the parts to have a XC BLT2. On a FR day, I can put on the DH parts and have a FR BLT2.

As for the two bike set up. Get a singlespeed. A good second bike for when the main bike breaks, or when you just feel like riding to the market, but dont want to lock your main bike outside. A redline or GT single speed is less than 500 fully assembled.

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Yeah I have 3 bikes , I've built a light weight XC Superlight 25 1/2lb for riding with the group , because I just can't keep up on my Heckler, the Heckler 34lb I ride mainly on my own, and with one other mate, and I'm just building a DH rig to have a go in the spring. I can't really afford to run both ,SC's and I've been down the route of two sets of wheels forks etc, always ended up riding the light build of my Heckler and did not really enjoy it, so I sold all the light bits and I'm even thinking of selling the SL, I've been riding the Heckler this week and its awsome, may just ride on my own, fed up being moaned at for being slow on that big bike.

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I have 6 bikes

DH bikes
2 m1 dh bikes 2001 and 2002

2 cross country bikes
1998 sworks h-tail
2007 Jamis xcr pro

one jump bike
transition double 2007

do it all
one 2006 nomad

Why sell when you ride and enjoy them all and re-sell value on them stinks?

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I only have 4.

Custom SingleSpeed for XC
Blur 4x for XC/AM
Uzzi VPX
SingleSpeed Roadie for commuting

I can't see having fewer. I might consider getting rid of the Blur 4x and Uzzi and replacing them with a Nomad and a new Uzzi though.

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Don't need extra bikes, just extra parts. Gf and I both ride RFX's, so we have an extra shock between us, an extra fork that will fit both of ours, extra wheels, axles, something like six extra Hope brakesets, rotors, lots of pads and small parts, bolts and shims, shifters, derailleurs, tires, bars, cranks, pedals, rings, chains, and the list goes on and on.

No need for extra bikes.

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2 bikes
1.- cannondale hardtail for riding around town wit my youngest in a seat on the back
2.- sc heckler for epic rides, trail and xc
although the two suit all my needs, i sometimes wished for a third bike

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Arguably, you don't ever 'need' one bike. That said, having a few is fun. I've got three:

RM Cardiac cro-mo hardtail for XC and training rides.
SC Bullit for DH, FR - my main, most used bike.
Devinci Basher for riding around town, commuting, etc. Going to sell it and get something else. :D

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08 Lemond Zurich
06 Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apua' Deluxe
and soon a Surly Cross Check
and then a snowbike
and then a new Nomad...

Keeping things fresh is a simple method of staying content.

Admittedly, I have too many:

05 Heckler
08 Heckler (currently being built up)
05 Nomad
01 Rockhopper hardtail (my first mountain bike, trusty steed that it is)
03? Planet X Jack Flash (currently being built up for urban trials riding)

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gticlay said:
Anyone 'need' two bikes?
i'm the wrong guy to ask:

S.C. Nomad
S.C. Heckler
S.C. Bullit
S.C. V10
Sinister Splinter MX
Kona Stinky 5
Hood Mussel
Banshee Scream

Sinister DNA
Sinister Ridge
Spooky Pitboss
I.F. Beatstick
Surly Pugsley
Salsa AlaCarte
Endless Lifetime
Kona Smoke
Kona Blast
Kona Score
Kona Paddy Wagon
Ted Wojcik D2R2 650b
Specialized Roubaix Expert

plus a few 'project bikes'

but..... the Nomad would probably be my 'go to' bike if i could only have one :thumbsup:

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I was in a similar situation about 7 months ago.

I had a Heckler & an S-Works Enduro. The Heckler was a trusted ride, worked great. The Enduro is/was a great bike, but I had ridden my friend's Nomad at the time and noticed that the Nomad was much more efficient at pedaling - such was the yearning.

As luck would have it, my cousin was in the market for a new bike, and he mentioned previously that he liked my Enduro, so I sold it to him for a great price. That freed me up to buy the Nomad (it was the previous version with the 1.5" headset). I built it up and love it.

A month later, I started felling like I needed something lighter, the Nomad fully built was 32lbs, and the Heckler was 30 (the Enduro was 33). Having two "All mountain" bikes was a little too much, so I decided to sell the Heckler, and picked up a Blur Classic (used).

Now I am extremely happy with my quiver - and also an SC loyalist (yeah that sounds lame) - Also have a Roadster for my commuting needs.

I must also add, that with 2 mountain bikes, I do try to ride atleast 2x or more a week. Having the two bikes has saved me from "flaking" on my friends a couple of times. I had a recent incident where I got out to my bike, checking the pressures and discovered a gash in my rear tire - having the second bike meant I didn't have to hunt, I just pulled the second bike and went on my way.
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