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SOLD: Anyone need a frame bag for a Medium Dragonslayer?

EDIT: Sold!

So I have a customer who ordered a custom frame bag for a Medium Dragonslayer, but had a different expectation of what the color would look like (this was before we added color swatches to the order page). Nothing wrong with the bag's construction.

Anyway I'd like to make him a new one, but maybe we can find a home for the old one here and save on some shipping by having him send it directly to you. It's a single compartment with side pocket and purple velcro (fabric is alpine camo). Retail for that is $130 and I'd let it go for $80.

I don't have a picture of it but I could have him send me one.

Note: I would post this in the classifieds forum but I figured I'd reach more Jamis riders here. This is the first time I'm trying this - custom frame bag returns tend to just pile up in the shop if we accept them and it's a pain to unload them. Seems easier just to get it over with right away if we can.
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