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Dear all,

I’m Harry and currently on my bike I’ve got a pair of lovely fox 40 factory forks, however, as of right now the lowers are in black, this is okey but ideally I’d need to switch them out for orange. But to do so I need someone who can commit to buying them. They were new with the bike, stealth canyon sender, and have been invisiframed since new, I got the bike on December the 7th and have only put 15-20 hours on them. They have also been invisiframed from new and are in perfect nick. Considering they are effectively brand new, and new ones go for £320 with no graphics or invisiframe, I’m asking a negotiable £250.

So if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who’s interested please do reply to this post and we can go from there.

Thank you all,


edit: Fox 49 to fox 40
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