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Applying for a job there (who knows what'll happen). It looks like there are tons of trails so all is good on that front. Couple of questions
1. Seems like a decent house will run about 180K - that seem right?
2. Does Reno have a "cultural center" - ya know a few blocks of cool brewpubs, restaurants, shops, ect.
3. What are good parts of town to live in?
Living in Phx for reference point

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I love Reno!

180k sounds about right in a nice neighborhood. A great neighborhood will be over 250. New developments in the northwest, west and south are better places. There are some very nice new places in Sparks NV (town immediately bordering Reno to the east) that may be affordable. Newer neighborhoods are closer to the mountains so you might be able to ride rather than drive to a nearby trailhead.

The city is trying to get a cultural center going on downtown but it's not quite there yet. Mostly coffee shops and nick-knack peddlers. the closest thing to a pub downtown are the casino sports bars; cheap beer, hotdogs and bet on a game or horserace.

I've been here about 40 years but just started MTB riding last year.

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Freak Alert!!!

crash test dummy said:
Thanks for the info - now just have to play the wait and see game
dude, what's your gig?

did you leave the planet? is all lost in tucson? skipping out on arizona altogether?

when are you gonna come ride down here? you should attend my ride up on lemmon this saturday. check it out on the calendar at

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