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Anyone know 2005 ETSX-50 specs?

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I have my eyes set on buying a RM ETSX-50 however its too late in the year and RM stopped production. I've called around and nobody has any left so I have to wait until the 2005s come out. Does anyone know the deltas on the 2005 model? Is it worth the wait or should I look into something else that I could get my hands on now?

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Production stopped and no in stock models? Seems strange as I just ordered an Element 70 a week and a half ago, and received it 3 days ago. I was considering an ETSX 70 and it was available...same frame so what gives.
I've been looking for 2004 ETS-X50s and X70s too and am lucky enough to have an LBS that stocks them still. However I am waiting until the 2005 models come out.

I don't mean to hijack the thread but I am curious as to why Scoredog went with an Element over the ETS?
i'm a XC rider who likes to climb. I went with the Element just to get the bike lighter. If I was doing 6 foot jumps I would have gone with the ETSX, but my riding is XC, climbing hills and mountains and the small jumps a trail may throw at me. My element 70 still weighs in at 28 pds and I believe the ETSX 70 was a bit over 29 pds. I was hoping the Element would be a little lighter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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