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Does anyone out there have a large (20") Karate Monkey frame they'd be willing to trade for an XL (21") Gary Fisher X-Caliber 29?

The X-Cal is a 2003 if I remember correctly--whatever the first year that model was a 29"er. I rode it off and on (switching up with my Karate Monkey) for the summer and fall of 2003, but eventually found I was only riding single speed. I stripped the parts off of the X-Cal frame and it hung from the rafters of my garage until a couple of months ago when my wife used the car and the garage to kill my Karate Monkey.

I built the X-cal back up and I've ridden it a few times, but I find that I miss my Surly. I had decided to sell the Fisher frame to fund the purchase of a new Surly, but I thought I'd try eliminating the middle man first.

So, if you're one of those people who bought a KM to see if you like 29, but are now wishing for somethign lighter, this is your chance!
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