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anyone in the stow/kent ohio area?

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i need someone to ride with around here, or a heads up to any cool spots
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I guess not. Maybe you should move to Colorado...
Im from Medina, 45 minutes west of you. West Branch is right near by in Ravenna its more of a cross country trail but the expert sections are fun for trail riding. Ray's is less than an hour away, but only open during fall/spring. For park riding theres Evolution Skatepark in Canton its mainly bmx and shateboards but its allright. Vultures Knob in wooster has a couple bigger gaps and drops. Mohican wilderness is going to be a good drive from Kent but is a great downhill trail.
Riding around the Kent State campus would probably be fun. Lots of hotties to look at too ;)
U of Akron also good for street.

Doood, you have to go to and check it all out. Good pics of the dj's here too..

They are having an open house this weekend only and it is going to be sick sessioning with folks from all around the area. A bunch of us from Rays are going to be there all day Sunday. PM if you want a cell number and we can meet up down there and get some ride on. Great chance to see a sick place and meet some locals.
I would say Columbus would be a drive for you, but i think you would find it worth while. THere are alot of low key dirt jump areas on all corners of the city, most of them are really advanced and you need skill to ride. OSU campus is awesome... so is worthington. ALOT of the steve hamilton stuff is filmed at worthington/otterbien/osu campus. in one of the vids he does he does a wall ride on the building where i work.

there is a nice scene in columbus at any rate... and there twice as many skate parks as there are dirt jump spots... including the flow in downtown which is primarily built for bmx and is crazy.

OHIO dreams would be nice. I wish i could go but i have to work :( ... the life of a programmer is hard sometimes :)
by the way... sorry for lack of punctionation and what not... my shift key is broken and i just can't use the other one.
Ive been to Westbranch and the Knob many a time on my XC bike, and Ive ridden KSU and akron,

I guess what im looking for are dirt jumps, sorry I forgot to mention that...
I went out to Ohio Dreams this morning for a few hours. Im not great at park riding but I had a lot of fun in the outside park. I walked back to the DJs and they were huge alot of work went into that place. Too bad I cant jump. Heres a few pictures. I could only ride for a few hours and it was the only chance I had all weekend.

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if you couldn't tell by my screename

if you could not tell by my screen name, i live in kent.about a block and a half from campus. there are quite a lot of us who live in kent and ride all the time. we typically ride some trails we have,my pump track,akron university, downtown cleveland, kent state, and rays. we are actually planning a ride at akron university tomorrow. if you want to come, shoot me a message.

let me know.

wednesday, we are having a trail building/pump track ride day,then probably a late night ride at ksu.again pm if you are interested.
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