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anyone heard of this hub?

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Da Bomb? Is it Ghey or good?
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LoozinSkin said:
Da Bomb? Is it Ghey or good?
link to headspin HS-R10

The Headspin HS-R10 is a good hub.
It's cheap, very strong and very heavy -> 627g - rear 135 mm, 10 mm through axle bolt on + oversized bolts.
It engages pretty fast and the 10 mm through axle bolt makes a noticeable difference, the rear is much stiffer with the bolt-on than with a QR.
It's on my Bighit, laced to a Single track and still going strong after a few months.

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Sweet... do you know where I can order one? This is apparently an Aussie company with no international distribution.
check here,, they carry other Da Bomb products,,, but i havent noticed the hub.
you can also find them on ebay. pretty cheap the last time i saw them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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