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Anyone heard of Powergrip as a clipless replacement?

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I've already hurt my hip and scraped myself up pretty bad because of my egg beaters, and just like riding without worrying too much about staying clipped on a fall.

I came across a guy on the trail who really liked his Powergrip (like a cage replacement), and was wondering if any of you guys have ever tried or currently ride with them?

I want to try them out:
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The nice thing about clipless is that your feet will likely come out in a high-speed crash. It's the slow speed falls that will get you. Powergrips and cages keep your feet locked in unless you pull straight back. In a high-speed crash, you can tear up a knee pretty bad if your feet don't pull out of the strap. I would highly recommend getting used to clipless (stupid name) for the safety, despite what your experience might suggest. It seems counterintuitive, but it's true. Also, clipless pedals keep your feet from sliding off if they get muddy or icy if you're trying to execute a bunny-hop or similar manuever. I've smacked my shins numerous times when riding caged pedals, because my shoes slipped at the worst times. If you don't feel comfortable being clipped in, get some good platform pedals and skate or mountain bike shoes designed with a flat sole. My favorite shoes are from Osiris.
hang in there man. I ride downhill and al mountain with clipless and it's the bomb. You just need to get used to it. Get some kneepads. I like the 661 kyle straight. They're a good idea anyway. I ride way better with them on.
switch to shimano pedals. i almost gave up on clipless because i started with cb. mine were nearly impossible to get out of. maybe my 2 pairs were faulty (first one broke, bearings suck), but all 5 of my shimanos have been perfect. you can set the tension so loose you come unclipped just looking at them, or so tight you cant unclip, and everywhere in between.
I had a set in the 90s. Good riddance. Better than plastic cages, but that's it.

I didn't know anyone made clipless besides shimano. I wonder why they bother?
i bought my mtn bike used and it came with the powergrips.
they drove me nuts and i only used them on the "test drive"
i took them off right when i got home.

this is coming from a toe clip user.
Powergrips are for emo fixie riders who dont want to mess up their shoes... Ride clipless or five tens with nice platform pedals.
ExCactus said:
Powergrips are for emo fixie riders who dont want to mess up their shoes... Ride clipless or five tens with nice platform pedals.
Hmmm sounds like I need to get myself a pair for my commute to class. :thumbsup:
Yep, lose the Crank Bros. and get Shimanos. I did this year after numerous slow speed incidents and finally some stitches. There's something about the CB's that makes them difficult to get out of sometimes.
I used powergrips for a while back when I used clips (I believe I still have them in the old parts box), they didn't scrape on the ground as much if you couldn't flip 'em over in technical sections (either because you wanted to or in a restart you just couldn't flip the pedal over to get in). I had no particular problems exiting clips, or powergrips...but you had to think about when you wanted to exit more than you do with clipless.

I moved to clipless a long time ago (93?) from the powergrips. I do use multi-release cleats and pedals with adjustable tension (not Shimanos, though my first clipless were the M737); the CB pedal system doesn't appeal whatsoever.

Good luck in your perfect pedal search...
dumbaSS said:
There's something about the CB's that makes them difficult to get out of sometimes.
funny, my experience with eggbeaters and candies was just the opposite - there's something about them that makes them just eject you from the pedal periodically.

yeah, I've heard of powergrips, when I first started riding about 20 years ago, then 19 years ago they became irrelevant. I can't believe they still make those things. OP, your best bet is to stop whining and get used to clipless. Believe it or not, there is a reason so many seasoned riders took the time to get used to clipless pedals.
I started on egg beater, never had an issue. I fell a few times, but that is to be expected, now I never fall. You just have to get used to it. Shimano's are no easier to unclip out of than egg beaters. I have used both and I choose egg beaters because of the 4 sided entry.

Those straps are a terrible idea because it is much easier to unclip by twisting you foot the pulling it back. as mentioned before, In a high speed crash, you will come out of clipless, but those straps are dangerous.

Just keep at practicing with clipless, after a week are two you wont even think about them
I've only been riding clipless for about a year but I have zero problems getting out of them, even at low speeds. just ride around the neighborhood sidewalks at a slow pace. force yourself to stop first and then try to clip out. just make sure that you fall onto the grass if necessary. After a few hours of this you will have zero fear of falling while clipped in because it will become natural to unclip even while on the way down.
spartan034 said:
Shimano's are no easier to unclip out of than egg beaters.
I've been riding clipless pedals for 18 years. I've ridden Crank Bros., Times and Shimanos. Shimanos with the tension adjustment and multi-release cleats can be made easier to get out of than the others in my experience. Like everything, experiences will vary though.

I also tried Powergrips back in the day, similar to toe clips.
Just keep riding clipless man. Don't wimp out.
Powergrips have the same problems as toe clips, the only way to keep your feet attached to the pedal is to crank the bastards down on your feet, in which case you can't get out of them in a crash anyway. As soon as your feet go up off the pedal, the pedal rotates away, which is why trying to keep your feet secured to the pedal using a strap above your foot just doesn't work.

I agree with some of the above posters, try something other than egg beaters if you can. I had a hell of a time with them myself, and ended up going with big, spikey, cheap DMR V8s. I pedal in to rocks too much to buy fancy pedals :p
Powergrips suck!! Try Shimano pedals.

I started riding mountain bikes back in 1985 and have tried darn near every type of pedal there is over the years, including Powergrips.

You have to flip them like toe clips/straps, and then your foot does not go in all the way. You then have to rotate the heel outwards, and wiggle the foot in further to get a tight feel. Big pain in the nether regions!! I found myself wiggling my feet constantly in them. At least in the old toe clip/strap setups you could set them to a good feel, and if you used a smooth soled shoe like a Specialized Sonoma, you could get in and out fairly easy.

I have found the perfect pedal setup for myself now. I use the Shimano M-647 pedal, and use it with the SH-56 cleat.(multi-release cleat) This setup is the most intuitive pedal to get out of that I have ever ridden. I get good climbing power, but can dab on even the most tricky, rocky obstacle that I care to ride.:thumbsup:

My girlfriend tried Candy-C pedals, after using Shimano pedals for years. She started falling over on rock piles cussing. Also, rock strikes on the bottom open them up and your foot comes off. Then, after only a month or two, the bars were bent and beat to rat scat!! She was very glad to get rid of them, and also loves the M-647 pedal.
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Have to disagree with the folks that say you had to tighten Powergrips in the same way
as toe clips to make them work. You actually put your feet in at an angle and then rotate
the heel of either foot toward the frame. To release was same as clipless..heel out.

However clipless are way better...
Shimano SPDs can't be beat for function and durability for years and years. I recently swapped my 535s for Egg Beaters for their snow shedding capability, and the EBs are easier to clip into because of the 4 sides, but I doubt anything will be as bullet proof as Shimanos, especially after rock strikes.

I've busted up plenty of pedals after hard impacts (Speedplay Frogs are easily the most fragile pedals out there), but Shimano SPD keeps on working.
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