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Anyone having tracer rear triangle issues?

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So lately on tough climbs when im really getting on the drivetrain my rear brake is in a constant rub as long as there iim mashing. The rear triangle flexes but im not sure if thats a norm for this bike. The hub isnt flexing a i know that, everything is tight. So im just wondering if anyone has had these problems or has any advice. Thanks in advance!
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I don't have a tracer, so I'm just guessing, but maybe try a bolt-thru axle. I think it might add just enough stiffness. By the way do you have Formula The Ones? They are hard to get just right so that they don't rub.
On my Tracer I would occasionally get a ping from the rear disk. This is with Formula Ones which have narrow pad clearance. I put on a King 10mm bolt on axle and it took care of any flex that was causing this.
Thanks guys... ill look into a through axel bolt and see if this causes any change. Im running juicy 7's and im not sure why this problem has been getting worse. If anyone else has anything else to offer that would be awesome. Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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