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anyone have races planned this year

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just wondering who races and what you have planned.
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cahutta 100, and fools gold 100
a few gone riding races in florida
SCRCS and hopefully going to try a few Alabama series races
Is thre a webSite that I can find races to go watch in FL? It as most of the races in Florida


SM100 (maybe)

To many "fun" events to bother with racing.

I would like to do Iceman Comeith, but it is a long drive for two Floridians to race in Michigan during November

Local Time Trial or two on the road

Problem is that there are very few races with a tandem class.

I told the stoker, we should sign up for a Gone Riding event as two separate entries in a wave that rides together. Then race the tandem with each of us riding in our respective classes on the one bike.

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I'm doing the chain buster event in ATL in march
im trying to do all of the serc/us cup east series and the fsc series.
along with a few races up in the northeast (ny and pa) and out west.
if anyone is willing to travel def check out this awesome race, Laurel Classic Mountain Bike Challenge. No laps just one AWESOME 22 mile loop in the middle of nowhere pennsylvania!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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