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I've got one. Had it almost 2 years. I got it because it was simple to use and the mounting possibilities. Also the not so super wide angle in 1080 mode. First thing I noticed that it's focus was set for a very close distance. (sound familiar) But was easy to fix, just unscrew the plastic lens protective cap and turn lens clockwise a little. Since then I've been happy with it. I dont use the side mounts much because there is to much play in the mount causing shakeyness and noise. I've made my own mounts from aluminum for the threaded thumb screw.
Recently I got a GoPro 3+ silver (wanted a second cam). The GoPro has a sharper picture and more truer colors than the XTC300. But the XTC300 is still usable.

Some basic facts
MP4 files
Bitrate is about 10000kps
Battery life about 2 1/2hrs 1080p mode
No time stamp including files created
Audio is a little weak

Our Fun At Rays MKE - YouTube
1 - 2 of 2 Posts