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Hey ya'll,

My Pushed Vanilla RC on my Stinky bit the dust today on a local ride. It's been clunking for the past couple of weeks so I replaced the reducers and the DU bushings, but that didn't fix it. After a few good hucks and gaps today, it lost all rebound and compression damping. I'm gonna overnight it to Darren at Push Industries Monday morning, but there's a real possibility that I won't get it back for a week or so - especially because they just moved locations...

With that said, if anyone has a Vanilla R or RC (7 7/8" eye-to-eye x 2" stroke) or a Romic with that same dimension (8" x 2") that they aren't using, I'd be most appreciative as I'm planning to do a day on the Shore next weekend. I'd be happy to paypal ya for shipping and would ship it back upon getting my shock rebuilt at Push.

Should be interesting to see what Push does for me. The shock got 'pushed' over a year ago and has worked flawlessly since then, but I'd expect it to last more than a year for their service.

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