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Anyone have a shock pump?

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I need a shock pump. Just bought a used Big Hit, need to check the rear shock pressure.
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Uh, yeah

Just about everyone who reads this forum probably has a shock pump. You should too, if you have a Big Hit. I recommend going to the shop and getting one asap. If buying the bike left you broke, just about any shop will probably check and adjust the pressure for you.

the FS bikes I have bought from LBS's came with shock pumps... maybe they don't do that anymore.. (Paramount, RTR)
Some do.

The OP bought used, however.

If you need to use a pump, bring the bike by any shop.

You really need to get you own, as adjusting the pressure on the swinger is going to take a few tries to get right.
OP? Please enlighten me.
Original Poster.

That is you.

Feel better?

jk. (how about that one?)
You have me confused for someone else, Damion. I still dont know what OP is.
I am not confused.

vjdup said:
You have me confused for someone else, Damion. I still dont know what OP is.
OP stands for Original Poster. (you)

One of the replys said that some new bikes came with shock pumps. You bought used, so it did not.

Are we straight now?
Got it. I figured that it was an insult, since Im a newbie again.

I reserve my online insults for a select few, and then only because of long running history together. (osokolo, among others)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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