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Anyone have a Bomber CR coil shock on a Ibis Ripmo V2

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Just curious if any ripmo v2 owners put this shock on their bike. I was just curious how it turned out. I’m a 215lb rider and wanted to try out a coil shock that’s decent but doesn’t break the bank.
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I had a marzocchi roco on a stinky and a reign X and it kicked ass. Had plenty of old bombers and I like my new Z1 too (so much i have them on 2 bikes). So I’d guess the new CR coil is solid too.
I have the bomber cr on my 2018 Rocky Mountain altitude (uses a 210x55 shock also). Unfortunately fox and marzocchi shocks aren’t supposed to be used on the ripmo due to the suspension- the shafts are too thin and could break. I may sell the cr and purchase a rockshox or dvo 210x55 coil that can be used on either bike.
The Jade X was recommended to me and I ran one for a while on my V2. The only coil I've ever ridden. Pretty amazing ride and worked well with the bike. In the end, I prefer the air shock for the riding I do.

The lockout on the Jade X is real solid and I think if you are a guy who rides lifts or pedals up fire roads or smoother trails and then bombs the downhill, can't imagine a better setup.
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