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Anyone had problems with quasi's wall?

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I've been riding the neo motos f & r (stans rims/tubleless converted)on my kona unit since march 08 with no problems. Recently got a quasi moto for the rear, first "real" ride out on the trail and the tire punctures on the side wall. Good thing I only had to walk 1/2 mile back to the trailhead.(didn't want to mess with installing a tube). I'm 170 lbs. and running 32 psi. Was this too low of pressure or was this a freak thing to happen. This Sucks!! its a beautiful day here in the Phoenix area (60 deg. mid morning) & I didn't get to ride.
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The Neo-moto's tread is wider than the sidewalls and protects the sidewalls from scraps pretty well, kind of like bumpers on a car extend furthest and protect the car's bodywork.

The Quasi-moto tread is no wider than the sidewalls actually narrower when flexed by rider weight and bump hits. Riding by a sharp faced rock can scrap and poke the Quasi sidewalls easier than the Neo-moto.

Some of the hardpack sandy trails around Phoenix like the McDowell Mountain area are probably perfectly easy on sidewalls for the Quasi-motos, except for thorns. But I wouldn't use them at South Mountain or Cave Creek or other ride areas around Phoenix with lots of rocks.

It also depends on the abrasiveness of the terrain. The sidewalls are the same for both tires, and when I rode a Quasi-moto on the rear wheel over my NorCal sedimentary rocky areas for a few months they held up well to much scraping without failure. But your rocks in the Phoenix area are more volcanic and abrasive.

Your tire pressures should be fine for your weight. A few psi higher would flex less and be a little less susceptible to sidewall exposure, but of course at some losses in rolling resistance over rocks and traction.

Edit: I've added specs of the tires to better show the tread protection of sidewall difference.


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