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anyone gone from a heckler to intense 6.6

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how does it compare?
do you miss the heckler?
which is "tougher"?
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heckler to 1 inch less

I went from a Heckler in Dec 05 to a Giant Reign for 6 months, then onto an Intense 5.5 recently. In the middle of all that a mate bought a 6.6 and i can say that without a doubt the strength of the 6.6 is much greater than a Heckler. The rear end of both 6.6 and 5.5 is much stiffer laterally than the Heckler. The whole build of the 6.6 is stronger than a Heckler, all the tubing and gusseting is bigger and it is designed to take bigger hits without compromising the frame.

I miss my Heckler (probably because it was stolen more than anything else!) and it was a very light and capable trail bike, but the 5.5 (and from the experience i've had with the 6.6) kick its butt so far!
Get a 6.6

I sold my Heckler in March to buy a 6.6.....the Heckler is a great bike and is fun to ride.....but IMO .....the 6.6 is an awesome handling bike that climbs better, corners better and descends like a demon.....I love the simplicity of the Heckler and it would take a punishing....but I take lines on the 6.6 that I wouldn't have considered on the SC.....I know my confidence and riding has come on in leaps & bounds since I moved to the 6.6....I think I've had to step up my skills to match my steed.....I shoot drops 5-6 ft., steep chutes, technical rooty I can also clean technical climbs that I couldn't on the Heckler.....get a 6.6 well worth it!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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