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Anyone go from PUSH DHX or Avy 5th Element to Elka?

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I am trying to make some decisions on a rear shock treatment for my Gen 1 Bullit. Toying with the idea of sending my DHX 5.0 to push for their factory tune, sending a 5th element to Avalanche for their conversion/tune, or selling my DHX 5.0 and getting an Elka with their tune.

Has anyone had time on both (or all three) of these setups, and care to comment? Cost wise, they are all going to be near enough to a wash for me, so really wondering how the options are going to stack up.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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If you are going to tune an existing shock I would say to stick with the DHX. The 5th is not as good of a chassis/design and Craig can only do so much with it. He can work it over, but you are still stuck with the initial design restrictions.

I have had a push tuned rp3, went to a AVA 5th, and am trying to get up and running on an X-Fusion Vector HLR (currently have a Vector DH2 but not many miles on it). The X-Fusion is a better shock all around, similar features to the Elka.
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