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Anyone from Ellijay, GA know if Carter's Lake got rain?

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My brother and I were planning on going to Carter's Lake tomorrow morning for a ride, but not sure if it's going to be too wet. We live in North Metro Atlanta and are trying to decide whether or not to make the trip. I tried the number on the SORBA site but the office was closed for the day. Thanks.
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I don't know about the weather, but there is supposed to be a race there this weekend. Have you heard anything about it? I am trying to get some more info on it but I am having no luck......Sorry to post a different question on your thread ........
The race is Sunday. We have a group headed up to Windy gap tomorrow - so I watched the weather today - looks like you should be OK as most of the rain stayed south, at least when I was watching.
We opted out for other reasons, thanks for the info anyway.
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