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Anyone elses Motobecane upgrading out of control?

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I bought a 2009 Fantom Trail HT in November of 2008. Not counting what I have spent in the months prior to December 2009, In the last month I have spent over $700 in upgrades which is more then the bike cost in the begginning. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Wow. That is a lot of upgrades you must have done. Aside from handle bar and tires, mine was stock for about 8 month. Then around 1200 miles, after my rear derailleur got into the rear wheel, I had to replace almost the entire drivetrain: chain, rear derailleur, cassette, front chain rings and bottom bracket.
No, I bought the top model - no need to upgrade. :)
It's not a problem unless you make it so. It's fun to do upgrades and see the performance benefits that match your specific wants. It also gives you a chance to wrench on your biike and learn the ins and outs of bike repair.
I started with the Fantom Trail HT. I since have upgraded the wheels, hubs, the brakes, the crankset, the cassette, the derailleurs, the seat, seatpost, stem, derailleur and brake lines, shifters, tires, grips, bottom bracket, chain, headset, seatclamp, pedals, and the fork.

This December I upgraded the frame to the Fantom Team DS. So now its a completely different bike from when I started.
Well, I went from a 400HT, and went to a custom painted Fantom 29PRO SL once I hit 1,000 miles on it. I figured if I hit 1,000 miles in less than 7 months, I'd get a better bike. Not that anything was wrong with the 400HT, but I wanted a nicer ride since I'm committed!

The Ritchey WCS: carbon bars, stem, seat, seatpost, grips, lights ALL transferred over along with the Eggbeaters. The only thing extra I bought outside of the new bike are the XRP Pro SL's and better tires for the road since I use it to commute and have fun in downtown late at night. I'm pretty content.
I did the same thing. I've got a Fantom Trail that I have since spent close to 2k on. The only thing left to do is upgrade the frame! Oops haha
Outcast 29er here,

Not completely out of control, but after a month I seriously wished I had just built it from the ground up.

I still have the stock:
- headset
- frame
- grips
- crank
- BB
- brakes
- cables
- front tire
- seat-post clamp​

Upgraded to:
- wider handlebars
- lower rise stem
- bar bones ends
- seatpost
- seat
- 20t freewheel
- nano raptor rear tire
- Rotor Q-Rings
- CB mallets
- Z-chain
- some used WTB wheels

And when funds permit or parts wear, I will definitely be upgrading the initial list of stock parts minus the frame. :) The upgrading will never end hahaha.

Bryan d
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On my 600DS I changed:

Dart 1 fork ->Recon 327 Air
Skye handlebars ->Bontrager race lite
Skye stem ->Titec Pluto
Tekro Mech disc ->Shimano hydraulic
Skye seat post ->FSA SL250
WTB Speed V Saddle ->Spec. Indie 143
KS rear shock -> Rock shox SID
Suntour 12-28 Cassette ->SRAM PG850 11-32
Shimano LX long cage ->shimano XT rapid rise mid cage
WTB Velociraptors 2.1 ->Mutano Raptor 2.4
Weinmann SP17 /Skye hubs ->Rhynolites/Deore hubs
Shimano alivio F derail. ->deleted
Truvativ Fived ->converted single speed
Motobecane 600DS frame ->Motobecane Fantom Team

Since swapping to the Fantom I've already changed from 1x8 to 1x9 drivetrain with SRAM 980 cassette, LX trigger shift and changed tires to Continental Verticals 2.3

I have an illness it seems:madman:
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Upgrade to RP 23..Has anyone done this??

I have a new 2010 RP23 that I wanted to put on my Fantom Elite DS but the bushings are a 32nd to small for the RP 23. Any help appreciated
i have the same problem. I bought just the fly team frame and changed everything over at the time. Then the upgrades started. I have all the old Giant parts of it now and my bike is as following:

No tubes olympic wheels laced to American classic hubs
Schwable Racing Ralphs
08 Fox RLC fork
Fsa Carbon bar
Thomson 0' 100mm stem
Avid Elixur CR brakes
sram x9 trigger shifters
sram x9 f.derailer
sram x7 r.derailer
sram 990 cassette
sram chain
FSA hollow tech 42/29 crankset w/ceramic bb
wtb seat
and a cheapy seatpost(thats next)

Im pretty happy with everything and it weights about 23.5lbs...And is fast!!!
I will upload a pics soon
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Dang! I have upgrade envy. I got < 25 miles on my Fantom elite and still want to keep up wit youse guys. I have some xtr pedals. No mas for now. Looking at a Park bike stand and a bones or hollywood bike rack as my next buys. After I wear out something, then I'll start getting lighter. I just upgraded from a 05 schwinn mesa which was a great starter. Happy camper.
Motobecane Outcast 29er 17"

Well it keeps going...

  • Bontrager Race 29er Wheelset
  • SRAM 3/32" Chain
  • Surly 20t Cog
  • Halo Hex Key skewers
  • Shimano PD-M540 pedals

Scale is saying 24.4lbs though, so woohoo!

This might be it for a long while though until parts break. :)

bryan d
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bryan_d, nice rig,oh...and i love the White!!!!
I've done some upgrading and some downgrading.
*Thompson Stem and Seatpost
*Kenda Nevegals
*Removed Triple Chain ring for a Race Face Bash Guard
*SRAM 991 chain
*Upgraded Bearings in the Vueltas
*Forte' Pro SLX saddle (Skye on SS)
*SRAM 980 34t cassette (gonna go 1x9)
*Cane Creek S-3 Headset (to match my SS in case I need to swap forks...the FSA Orbit is on my SS roadbike)
*BB7s (Juicy Carbons now on the SS)
*Sette Vector Straight bar (it is light and cheap. :eek: Ritchey WCS Bar and Stem on SS)
*Race Face Evolve Crankset (Sold the FSA Carbon...did not like them).
*2007 Reba Team (the 2008 Reba U-turn is on the SS).

Other than changing to a 1x9 this spring, I am done! :)
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1) 1st real mtb was Fantom I have 2 other bikes and my friend is riding the Fantom after replacing/upgrading its worn parts

2) Bought a Fantom Pro DS off eBay instead of the Fantom Team through BD then upgraded to the following: Ritchey WCS bars, Thomson X4 stem, Race Face Deus cranks, XTR M970 pedals, Crank Brothers Joplin adjustable with remote lever, Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow saddle, Panaracer Fire XC Pro in 166 tpi tires, Lizard Skins Peaty lock on grips.

This is the best bike I own and I ride it all the time. It kicks butt for $, I have less into it than a Fantom Team would cost new and I feel it is specced better than the Fantom team. It was only possible due to a steal on the original bike from eBay...
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iwantalitebike said:
bryan_d, nice rig,oh...and i love the White!!!!

Here are some from the singlespeed forum:

Where are you pics? I would like too see those upgrades too.

Bryan d
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Guys just got a fantom comp 29er and wanted to know what should I be looking for to upgrade. Honestly it is already the highest spec'd bike I have owned. (Coming from low end Treks) But I would like some suggestions on what would make it even better. I was thinking about a CF seat post and handle bars? Going to tubeless tires?
subspd said:
Guys just got a fantom comp 29er and wanted to know what should I be looking for to upgrade. Honestly it is already the highest spec'd bike I have owned. (Coming from low end Treks) But I would like some suggestions on what would make it even better. I was thinking about a CF seat post and handle bars? Going to tubeless tires?
Stans conversion and points of contact . Bars , seat , pedal's .
depending on which model you got you probably won't need to upgrade too much. If youre looking at the nicer X0/XTR groups, they already have some of the best hardware.
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