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Anyone else working on Xmas day

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Got told today that I had to work Xmas day. One of our control room staff got rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack and guess who was next on the rota to work. Yup thats my plans for Xmas day blown out of the water. My partner is threatening to kill me and it looks like I will be sleeping in the spare room tonight.:confused:

However I am going to make one hell of a lot of money :thumbsup:
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Been there my friend I have been a Correction Officer for 20 years gave up alot of holidays the money is good but being home is better. Thanks to seniority I get most of them off now. Have a Merry Christmas.
Damn,that sucks and I was all bummed cause I had to work today and miss the x-mas eve ride...(I did get triple time tho)
10-8, but the money is good.
I was pissed when I found out I had to work the morning after, but guess I can't really complain since it could be worse.
Well it was a long and boring 12 hour shift where nothing happened at regular intervals. My girl has calmed down a bit and doesnt want to stab me any more (the red wine helped) and I can happily spend a bit of time buying shiny things with the extra money I earned:)
This is the first year in a while that I didn't have to work on Christmas. It still sucked because my wife had to work 12 hrs Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Im on-call for work and finally got done for the day. My day started at 7is this morn and done around 9:30 so 14 hours. 99% of it was driving the other 1% was the work but like was said the money is really good
suck i was mad yesterday because i had to work on Christmas eve.
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