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Anyone else with bad spokes?

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I've got an 05 Reign 2 that I've been hammering for 5 months now. Great bike, but suddenly I've had a rear spoke break each of the last 2 rides. The weird thing is they broke within the nipple, very unusual in my experience. The spokes are stamped with 'Cn' which I've never heard of. Not exactly DT, Wheelsmith, or Sapim quality. I wish the product managers wouldn't save 3c on POS spokes like these. Next one thast breaks I'm going to have to strip the whole wheel and rebuild from scratch with decent spokes.
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Had a 2003 Stumpjumper, did the same thing. LBS said its pretty common with black spokes and hard riding or heavier riders (me). The really funny part is that i broke them on road rides! (after a season of cross country).
I had them rebuild the wheel with slightly heavier gauge stainless DT spokes after the third breakage.
Havemnt ridden the wheel since as it's now a backup.
Pink spokes are the worst for breaking, like butter they r.
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