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Anyone else running a coil-over on their Superlight?

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I put a Fox Vanilla RL Coil Over rear shock on my 04 Superlight and I love it. Has anyone else done anything similar? If so, what pound spring do you have? I have a 350lb spring and I was thinking I probably need more like a 375 or 400. (I am 175lbs and ride it fairly hard).
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Two major bike shops in Moab used the Superlight as a major part of their rental fleet about 3 years ago. They spec'd them with the Vanilla R coil for more reliability and ease of service. Both shops said they got unbelieveably reliable service from those bikes. A friend of mine at one of those shops said they ran their SLs over the normal rental fleet interval time period. He said that was a mistake...not because of the SL...but because nearly everything but the frame and rear shock disintegrated around the bike. I thought that was a pretty good testimonial.
I've been running a coil on my SL since I bought it in 2001. A Fox Van R. It has worked flawless for me all these years. I weigh 190 and I think I have a 400lb spring.
Vanilla R since 2001. Recently Pushed. 180lbs/geared up. #400 spring.
Fox vanilla RLC 500# spring on 2001-2005 superlight recently PUSHED..Smooth as butter, now where did I put the ti spring....Replaced the rear tri and front but the Shock has remained the same...:thumbsup:
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